Friday, May 16, 2014



We are in Great Falls, Montana, ready to make the crossing later this week. We met up with 4 couples that we will be traveling with after Dawson Creek, enjoyed indulging with cake and ice cream in honor of Dennis Hills birthday.  They all left yesterday, and we are awaiting the arrival of  a couple who we will travel with to the rendezvous in DC.


Now back to the beginning…we left Jojoba Hills on the 2nd of May, 3 days later than we had planned, but the winds were forecasted to be blowing up to 70 miles in areas we would be driving through.  Being as we were on no time frame it was better to stay in place for a few days.  First night out we spent in Vacaville at the Elks.  Nothing going on, no  meals, so we just vegged.  Next day it was off to Yuba City, where we settled at the Moose.  They have electric and water only, but the price is right, 12 a night or 70 a week.  Used to be 10, but like everything else, went up.  Had hoped to play some bridge with my ole partner, but she had her hip replaced just a day before.  Chuck and I played once, it was a special game that is being played nationwide.  Club wise we did not do anything special. Seen a few friends, spent some time with our son and family, and then it was time to move on.  I’ve been having some pain in the heel of my foot, so tried urgent care, and they got me an appointment with a podiatrist.  He diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis, gave me a shot of cortisone and a boot to wear while sleeping, and wished me luck.  And that seems to be what I will need, as nothing seems to have helped so far.  But who knows maybe I’ll grow to like walking with a nail driving up into my heel, as that is the way to describe the feeling.  Lordy, Lordy I need a complete overhaul.

We stopped and seen friends, Virginia & Earl, who have bought a lovely home in the Sparks area, near Reno.  They are both working like crazy to get it furnished and set up.  And that little dog they have gotten is the cutest  guy, full of mischief, sure he will bring a lot of joy to their lives..  Also got to see Roger, (Sharon was napping) they are loving the area also.  Part of me envy's them, but not ready to make the choice of settling down.

From there it was a two audio book drive to Great Falls.  Think that this trip we will find ourselves in perpetual spring.  Areas of Idaho were down right breath taking.  And the lilacs! 




My very favorite, just beautiful.  But the trees are just starting to leaf out here. Lots and lots of open spaces, thankfully no trouble.  That is always a plus.  


Once we are in Canada we will be relying on free wi-fi, and have our phones turned off.  We are on the original unlimited Verizon internet, so we can not make any changes or additions to our plan with out loosing that.  Actually surprised that we have got to keep it this long.  Should not have said that.  Made a commitment to keeping the blog up better, so will try to post at least twice a week. Even if I can’t post at least I can continually write and post when have internet available.  These should be great memories some day.    


Marty and Roz said...

Had a very memorable experience with planters fasciitis a year or more ago, got a good pair of insoles for all my shoes and VOILA! SHAZZAM! magic. No problem since. Amazed at the difference it made. But the Planters memories are still vividly etched in my mind. I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a blast!!! Lots of pictures!!!