Monday, May 11, 2009

Family & Colorado

Kissing Camels in the Garden of the Gods, with Pike's Peak in the background. As you can see by the snow it is not all that warm here. At least it has not snowed on us yet, and the weather has gone back and forth the week we have been here.
Hope that Mothers Day was a special treat for all. It certainly was for me. The day was spent with our daughter, Cyndi and her husband, John, and we were joined by our grandson, Robert, and his family. We did brunch and had told the kids about "eggs in a bag" and they decided it would be fun to try. We had an excellent head chef. Here is Roinn, (our great-grandson), he wrote all the names on the bags, and then scrambled the eggs once they were in the bags. He was concentrating so hard on doing a good job. Everyone was surprised at what a great and easy way to do omelets. Thanks Molly! Kylee, with her mom, Kerstin, watching big brother working away.

Kylee with her "walker"....she is not
comfortable to try walking on her own yet.
This is a lawn mower and she did mow
a lot of grass yesterday.
It was great spending the day with family, the last few years we have been on the road, and had to make do with phone calls. Our son & his family
in California, had to do the phone thing. He is doing fairly good, had a bad accident, the ligaments holding his knee cap in place snapped, and it went half way up his thigh. They did surgery Wednesday and he is in a soft cast that they will change to a hard one this week. Then if all goes well he will be in that for six weeks. His poor wife is really having a hard time trying to do it all and more, plus she just started a new job. Hopefully he will be better once he gets the cast on.


Joe and Sherri said...

great family and I know you had a good mothers day!! Can't wait to get together again!

Leno said...

Darling great grandkids. Enjoy your family time.. Sorry to hear about your son's accident.
Stay in touch.

Cyndi said...

NIce pictures!