Friday, May 15, 2009

Jello Melting

John cooking the first steaks
of the season.
Have a week to catch up on here. We have not been doing much of anything, had a wonderful cook out the other night at our daughter house. Other than taking in a movie, Girlfriends Past, or what ever it was called. It was pretty good actually. Been a long time since we have been to the movies, so it was a treat.
We are planning on attending a Escapade rally here in Colorado next month. Looking forward to that, it will be small, which makes it much easier to trade "shop talk". The big rally was not what we had expected.
The forecast was for rain this past weekend, so Matilda was all for showing off her designer rainwear. Notice the shadow on the tree.....she did not get wet.

Matilda falls in love. I've always loved this bird too, sets off to the side of our daughters back deck.

After reading some of the blogs this morning, have come to the conclusion that May must be medical month. Could be the surge of upset stomachs that April 15th gives most us us? That is what we did yesterday also. We had physicals done in the Rio Grande Valley this past winter so that had already been taken care of. First started off was the optometrist, who I will say was one of the best that we have ever seen. Unfortunately, I found out that new glasses were not what I needed, but cataract surgery. So even though they are trying to rush it, it looks like the earliest that I can get started is June 2nd. We are hoping for a cancellation by someone to get in sooner. Chuck gets by with new glasses. From there it was off to see a highly recommended cardiologist, as Chuck and I were both dissatisfied with the one he had seen this winter. All checked out there so we were very happy as it had been a worry. Being as we have not been back to California for two years, we have been forced to find new doctors as we go down the road. Actually we have not had a problem, and any of our prescriptions have been transferred with no problem. But that is now, scary to think of it all changing, the goverment has never changed any thing and made it better. But then that is my thought and not sure it is the place to go. Might have to get some meds for the high blood pressure that it will bring on.
That is all for now, life is good.

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