Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hello May

Been a few days since I've sat down and posted, so back to day one missed. Thursday we played golf out in the middle of no where, about 30 miles from Santa Fe. Awesome course, the contrast between the surrounding area made it even more so. We played with a couple of guys who worked there, and they were a big help in telling us where the trouble was, and it was all over! I tend not to play as much golf as Chuck anymore, but when the course is exceptional I love taking in all the beauty, serenity, (except for the blue air when a shot goes array) and not let playing golf get the way.

Friday we went to old town Santa Fe, where I had the Loretto Chapel lorettochapel.com at the top of my must see list. What a thrill that was. I was just totally blown away, hard to put it in words the feelings I had, and Chuck felt the same way. The chapel is now owned privately and run for profit. Cost of three dollars per person, and well worth it.We traipsed around town for a short time in some of the shops, but full timers just can't buy too many things, but there were some gorgeous pieces of the Indian/Mexican art. Of which I'm not a big fan of, none the less wonderful. From there we were off to Museum Hill. We did a couple of them but we were ready for a late lunch early dinner. Had seen this roadhouse near the campground that always had a full parking lot, so we decided to give it a try. The food was good, but think it was the bar that was the big draw. Although we left there full and happy.
We had planned to leave Saturday, but after checking the weather on both ends we decided to wait a day. Which proved to be a good choice as Sunday was the perfect day to travel. No wind what so ever, traffic was light, and we actually got 11.7 mpg, which we were happy with. Actually with us just getting there and putting down the jacks without any problems is a great day.
We are now settled in Colorado Springs for a month. Our campground is right in Old Colorado City, which makes it nice and close to everything including our daughter, who is only about six blocks away. Our back window over looks Fountain Creek, with plenty of trees and squirrels to drive the cat crazy. There are also two ducks that must have a nest near by and they are a kick. They ride the rapids (?, well swift moving water, rapids is a little strong) down aways and then come back and do it again. They are so cute.
Sunday night, after we got settled, we had a nice dinner at our daughter house. We were celebrating our son-in-laws belated 50th birthday. Great seeing the whole family, and our great grand babies grew so much since we last seen them in August. For some reason, my camera got left in the RV so will have to get some picture from the kids.
This brings me up to date, so think I'll just watch the ducks and squirrels today.


Joe and Sherri said...

Enjoyed the day we had together....yes the chapel is really pretty! While you were eating I did enjoy the bar...thanks for picking out that palce..

Bob and Molly said...

Hi guys...glad to hear you are settled in Colorado for awhile...enjoy the family!
Great job with your blog.....I enjoy reading it!!
Hugs to both of you!