Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day to Day

Gee over a whole week has gone by, and I swear the time has not flown by so fast because we are having all that much fun. Chuck and John got back with the moving van on the 23rd, so it was one fast trip. Which was good as nothing went wrong. We had thought that we could be a little selective and go through things, and had everything all spread out at the storage area, but the biggest thunder storm came up, and we could not get it stored any faster. Lucky that we had lots of help. Guess it will wait to another day in the future, when we decide to settle down. Actually not too sure what we couldn't part with, but it was very important, back then.
Am thrilled over one thing that took place, and most people will think that it might be fairly minor, but I love it! My cupboard that held my pots and pans, (which I had a hard time finding what I needed, much less getting in to) we figured out a way to install sliding shelves. It took some thinking out of the box, but we came up with a solution. Lowes has these sliding shelves that are top quality, but the size was just a little bigger than the opening of the cabinet. No problem, we will make the opening larger, opps, now the doors are too small. No problem we will get a new door. You want 148.00 for a door???? Don't think so, back to Lowes...we ended up buying the doors for a closet cupboard, having them cut down to the size we needed (they will do that at Lowe's, free) and presto....problem solved, less than 35 dollars. Of course this took a whole lot longer than it sounds, but hey, it was only a weekend and I couldn't be happier about it. I've always had this saying that when Chuck picked up a hammer, I ran to get a paper bag as he would be hyperventilating shortly. He would never be a handyman, but at least he has kept trying. LOL
Seen the eye surgeon about my cataract surgery and they have it scheduled for the next two Wednesdays. They only do the procedures one day a week, and they were full for tomorrow, so that was the best I could do. Actually looking forward to seeing clearly again. Both of us are anxious to get on the road, but looks like it will be at least a month. We do enjoy being near the kids, but they are busy with their jobs and all the things that go with running two businesses and all. Plus the weather has not been too kind, rainy, cold not what you would call spring. Will say that we have been experiencing spring since we left southern Texas.
We are moving out to the campground at the Air Force Academy tomorrow. They have a very nice RV park in the pine trees with huge spaces. And the hummingbirds are unbelievable. Stayed there last year for a few weeks and you could hardly get the feeders hung before they were there. Had to fill them at least a couple of times a day. But they were so much fun to watch.
So till next time, may the wind be at our backs.


Joe and Sherri said...

I am so far behind in reading all the journals I keep up with. I guess it is good you did not post every day..HE HE I would never catch up. We are in Southern Louisiana...I'm fishing and Sherri is working. I feel so bad about that..well maybe not all that bad. Sure would like to be in Colorado...we could visit with you and tell stories...Big Stories.

Bob and Molly said...

OK...more FUN is what you need! We sure missed you guys at Escapade! Travel safely and enjoy your time at the Air base!

Debbie and Rod said...

Hope you're seeing clearly real soon. Sure do miss you guys and we think of you every time Rod drags that hat out to wear. You guys are the BEST.

Debbie & Rod

Leno said...

How about some pictures of the sliding shelf and new door??
Is the campground at the Air Force Academy one we can use as a military campground?? Let me know please.
Where do you head next?
I know, lots of questions.
Good luck with the eye surgury.
Miss you both.