Saturday, June 27, 2009

Big Wheels are a Rolling

Both Chuck and I were really getting antsy to get on the road again. I'm sure the fact that we have this great adventure on the drawing board had something to do with it. We are like a couple of kids......are we there yet? Time to go...huh, huh??

Left Colorado Springs on Thursday, after the optometrist having given me the get out of town pass on Wednesday. It was an uneventful drive (and we like it that way) to Lusk, Wyoming. Spent the night at a Passport America park, that at 10 dollars, was priced about right. The next day we drove on in to Rapid City, SD. We are staying at Ellsworth AFB. Very nice campground.
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Yesterday we took a drive, had to see Mount Rushmore, and it was breath taking. Stopped in the little town of Keystone and took in the Borglum Historical Center. There we learned of the life of Gutzon Borglum and how he came about overseeing and designing the construction of the monument. Made us appreciate seeing it even more.

Picture of a replica of an eye. This is over 8 feet across. Borglum devised a way

of carving the pupil so that at a distance it had depth to it. Amazing that this could have been done by sheer brawn (and a lot of dynamite) for less than 1 million dollars.

After leaving there, some how we took a wrong turn, but we have found that some of the best sights are when we are lost. There are times we just drive and when we are done hit home on the GPS and let it get us back. Love it, can't imagine full timing it with out the GPS.

Leaving we turned around and in doing so seen a mountain goat, so at the top we once again turned around, but by the time we got back there he was at the tip of the rocks. Did manage to get a few pictures of him, only you have to look hard to see him.

Know that Dorthea, Mark, Jim and Ellie are in the area, hopefully we can cross paths with them. Looking forward to seeing them.


Roger and Barb said...

Wasn't Mount Rushmore neat? We stopped there in 2002 on our way back home after reverse gear went out on our Ford Powerstroke leaving Idaho. Barb wouldn't let us pass it up without stopping. We figured out a way to unhook the fiver and visit Mount Rushmore and still come back and rehook to the camper. Obviously we won't pass by and see you in CO. Our traveling has been abbreviated until I recover.

Cyndi said...

Great pictures wish we could meet you somewhere, alas our wagon threw a wheel and it'll take a month to replace it.....