Friday, June 19, 2009

Smelling the Flowers

The past week has been one of rest and relaxation, like we have been wearing ourselves out doing nothing, but it has been just gorgeous as far as the weather goes. The very best we have had since being here. My hummers are back, although not nearly like last year. They are doing about one refill a day, and there are two feeders, so they are offering a lot of entertainment.
With all the rain there has been here the past months the wild flowers are in bloom in full glory. They are saying that the bloom has not been like this for years, and it is spectacular. Walked in the area behind the RV and took some pictures, but they just don't do it justice.

I had the surgery on the second eye Wednesday, and all went fine. We are staying till after the weekly check up next week, and if all is well we will be comfortable about leaving. We have started in the getting ready mod now. Washing the rig and all the things that go with getting back on the road. We are lucky here, they allow washing here, as long as we have an auto sprayer on the hose. And Chuck installed some safety thingy on the awning, new carpeting on the steps. Also had to get a new DVR from Dish TV. Ours would record, but on playback really broke up with starts and stops. Surprisingly they were very accommodating. New one arrived, blue label, with a return shipping label to send the old one back. After getting some of the bugs worked out, we have been reasonably happy with Dish. Our only challenge is getting the local channels when we move. When we first signed up with Dish they told us that when we moved just call, give them the zip code, and they would connect us to the local channels. Well, it has worked, but only after we usually have to do the "speak to your supervisor bit". And when you are talking to someone in India they have no idea what rving is. We will probably get the east/west local set up, but just have not gotten around to it yet. Besides is has gotten to be sort of a game.

Last night we met our daughter and son in law for dinner at Red Lobster. It was very good, Chuck had this huge platter that must have had everything on it, never seen so much , I had the coconut shrimp, which was great. He ate all of his, half mine came home. Swear the man has a tape worm!

Till the next time......Life is good......


Roger and Barb said...

The flowers are beautiful. Wish we could be in Colorada or Yellowstone. It is so hot here.
Roger is slowly getting better, trying to wean himself off of the medication. He takes one pill every six hours instead of two every four hours. Hurts something terrible when he coughts. I guess you remember that, Kathy. How many ribs did you break?
He has two that really hurt. It must be the ones that are not lined up anymore.

Joe and Sherri said...

Sherri and I have Direct TV and we do not get the local channels. I wish there was a way we could get them but we have to sign up for the east west coast thing...I don't understand it all but I am sure they have a reason for it all.

Cyndi said...

Time sure flew by, have a safe trip and may the highways be clear...the wornout dude with the purity steak.