Sunday, July 5, 2009


We have been in the tourist mode for the last week, and have been having a great time.
One of the stops was the Christmas store, it was huge and I spent more time than Chuck thought possible, but I took care of my yearly ornaments for the family. A tradition I started with our daughter and son and now included the grandsons and their families, so it is certainly growing, therefore it takes a little longer, each ornament has to mean something special to this year. But don't think I was the only one that spent forever in there, as they had lots of rocking chairs on the front porch.
We have had goblins breaking things lately, (other than the fan) my air card went south, and after dealing with a tech, on the phone for an hour he decided it was because I was too close to the air base. Second call they told me they would send me a new card, but I decided that I would take it in and have them trouble shoot it. Unfortunately the address they gave me was a mall sales kiosk. The guy there told me it was like taking my car back to the salesman an asking him to fix it. Next place they had techs and they got it working just fine, but once we got back to the rig, it wouldn't stay connected. Anyway back to the phone and this time got someone who solved the problem and it has been working great ever since. The bad part was it took the whole day to get it resolved. Then there was the day we had no hot water. Had cold water, but when you switched to the hot side, no water period. After lots of calls found out there is a check valve on the line coming from the water heater and it could break and not allow hot water to run. Once it was changed, problem solved........ another day gone. And we won't go into the dish satellite. Okay enough, enough, enough.
The trolley in Deadwood
Spent the day paying our dues, (gambling) seeing some of the sights. It was a beautiful day, we climbed the hill in the cemetery to see Wild Bill Hickok's grave.
But the best part was a drive through the Spearfish canyon.
Think it was some of the prettiest scenery that we have seen here. The hills were black, orange and the green of the pine trees, plus the sky was so blue...awesome. The pictures can't do it justice.
Then there were the water falls

We also took a tour to Mount Rushmore to see it lite up at night. Which was nice, but the day views were great too. Had thought about seeing the fireworks there, which they do on the 3rd, but everyone said that it would be an all day tour basically waiting for the show. Glad we made that decision as it rained most of the day and just before it was time for the fireworks the fog came in. We decided that we go to the badlands instead.

Once again pictures do not show the real beauty.

We thought this rock formation looked like an angle.

There was also the WALL Drugstore. Fifty some years ago they were about to go under, when they came up with the idea to offer "free" ice water, and the rest is history. The store is literally a full square block, and one giant tourist trap. But fun to tour, as long as you don't have kids that are wanting everything they are tempting them with.

He was free! Also wasn't much life to him.

Yesterday being the 4th we had a nice get together in the park with some of the people we have met, and had a great time. You do met the nicest people traveling like we do. We are off to see Custer state park tomorrow, after that we are moving on again.

Hey, Lois, we are getting closer!!!!


Debbie and Rod said...

Sure do miss you guys but it looks like you're having fun without us. You did almost the exact same things that we did in South Dakota. LOL Hope that means you're following us over here. ;-)

Debbie & Rod

Bob and Molly said...

What a great place to be this time of year...wish we were there! HUGS! M&B

Leno said...

Sounds like a great time. Wish we were with you both..
I would have spent that time with you in the Christmas Shop. I started the ornament giving when my kids were small and still do it.. Now the grandkids.
I sure hope we get to meet up with you guys in the next year. Any more plans yet?