Monday, July 13, 2009

Thank You Minnosota

What a wonderful time we have had seeing a small part of this gorgeous state. Water, water every where, and I love the water. Yesterday our friends picked us up very early, (for me) and we went to breakfast at the logging camp.
We did get to talk
Think this was the tool shed
At one time it had been a working camp, and a lot of the equipment was still there. People back then were unbelieveable, when you see what they had to work!!
Fire Engine
Breakfast was very good. You got to order the number of eggs you wanted with a choice of scrambled or fried. We all went for scrambled. First came a big pitcher of OJ and a pot of coffee. Then they brought a huge platter of eggs, hash browns, slabs of ham and stacks of pancakes. With the exception of more eggs you could have seconds on everything else. Actually we could not eat what we had, but it was all great.
From there it was off to see the headwaters of the Mississippi River.
Walking across the Mississippi

Then it was time to see Paul Bunyon, there was no blue ox, but his
cradle was there. He was huge. There was also a ice cream shop
on the other side of the street. And yes, we did indulge, singles only.
Down the road a bit was a place we should have passed by,
but we gave it a try, set a time limit of an hour. So
it wasn't too bad, and we did have fun

Tomorrow is our last day here, we are slowly making our way
to Wisconsin. Hopefully the wind will be at our backs......till next time.

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Joe and Sherri said...

Gosh I finally caught back up on my reads...You two are on the move and it seems like you are having a good time??? We are in Ruston Louisiana at a beautiful park. Hope to see you again...