Saturday, July 11, 2009


We left the great state of South Dakota planning on a nice easy drive of 200 or so miles. Unfortunately on the back country roads we had decided to take, RV parks were nonexistent. We were fifty miles into North Dakota before there was a chance to stop. Every campground I had mapped had gone out of business, and we don't usually make reservations, that way we are never committed to stopping or going further if there is something worth stopping for. Usually that involves clubs and a little white ball. It was a 450 mile day, but the next day we were at our friends in no time at all. We are staying at a campground, in Park Rapids, Minnosota, that is just a few blocks from their house, which makes it nice. The scenery is so beautiful and the weather is wonderful, actually, at night you need a light jacket. The guys went fishing yesterday, but even though every time they had gone out they more than limited out, once Chuck was on the boat, there was no bringing home the bacon. But they had fish they had caught the day before in the live well, so they cleaned those, and we now have 5 packages in the freezer. We had a fish fry the first night we were here and they were so goooood, so really looking forward to further fry's.

Flowers in the downtown area, so pretty

We have been catching upwith our friends lives kids and travels, as it has been many years that our paths have crossed, more than we care to say, but Chuck and Dick did fight in the Civil War least they were in the service together at Beale AFB in California.

Lakes no matter where you look, just one of many.

If you like the water there is plenty here.

Our friends had a family reunion to attend today, so we did a road trip wander. And wander we did. We have few pictures, but were a little disappointed that most of the resorts were off the roads, and to see them meant going down dirt roads. Which we did a few times, but there was no way knowing whether the resort was a 4 cabin or a full blown, so we just checked out the countryside. Alpaca Farm

These were so cute, looked like a version of a poodle.

Slice of melon?

Tomorrow it is off to a logging camp for breakfast, and then to the head waters of the Mississippi.

Life is good.........


Bob and Molly said...

The flowers are beautiful! and I had no idea there were so many lakes in ND! Sounds like a lovely place! Enjoy your time there....miis you do know that Keith and Donna's home burned down on Weds AM??? Check their FaceBook, if you haven't already! Hugs!

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Enjoy some fish for us and Tell Chuck not to catch all the

Ya'll take care,

Rollie & Gina