Monday, July 13, 2009


Yes, I completely forgot to post the great day we spent touring the state park, before we left South Dakota. The weather was perfect, the scenery fantastic, and we saw our fair share of animals.

This guy was so big and he was so close it was a little scary.

Feeding the wild burros

Beautiful Lake
Then we were off for a late lunch at a restaurant that several people had said was a must do.
Dinner is a choice of 2 size steaks, but the lunch menu was quite large. We had been advised that dessert was the main attraction, so we shared lunch and went all out with dessert. And was heavenly.
Hill City is a artsy town and these creations could be
found in several places. Very original.
Wonderful drive plus the fact that there were no crowds,
glad we waited.

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Anonymous said...

Did notice in the picture of the lake the rock in the middle looks like a giant lizzard sun bathing. How neat nature is so amazing.