Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Catching Up

We left Brookings Oregon, on the 13th, heading for Hailey, Idaho. Our friends, Bob & Barb Williams have a home there, but are in the process of getting ready to take to the road in their new motor home.

We spent two nights on the road, the first in Bend , Oregon paying 46 dollars, the second in Caldwell, Idaho at half the price, both Good Sam’s. The least expensive was a treat, they have two large gardens that are exclusively for the overnighters. Just a few more weeks and it will wonderful as they have a great selection.

Tomatoes, green beans lettuce corn squash, just to name a few. .

The three days of travel were uneventful, a lot of the area we covered is high desert, so not much to see.

Once we arrived, our cats were so excited to see each other…ah-ha, sure. The gray and white one is Gypsy, she was the pitiful kitten that adopted Barb at Nicks rally last year. She is so pretty now. And we did not push our luck we decided that it would be best if they did not spend time in the same house, as it did not get any better.

We started the hand and foot tournament the first night and the girls won the first one, and as the games went by it was not looking good. Then the last night we stole the guys chairs and won three, yes all three, to become the top dogs. Bob and Barb were wonderful tour guides and we seen some of the country side Which was spectacular to say the least.

The guys in the “lucky chairs”.

The mountains were so different, the weather was wonderful, just a little warm for a few hours, but the nights were very cool. Hailey is only a few miles from the famous Sun Valley ski resort. Barb had worked there years ago, so on the tour of the facilities she was very knowledgeable. There was even a outdoor ice skating rink that was being used. Pictures are on the camera, and it is in the truck, but the rain is coming down, so will add some later.

Some of the wild flowers blooming along the roadside. Glad that everything is running late this year, so that we get to enjoy it.

Thank you Bob & Barb for a wonderful time. Hope that all your “stuff” finds a new home, or at least it’s way into storage, cause we are looking forward to seeing you in Goshen.

Moving on down the road. Next destination, Park Rapids, Minnesota, some time next week. Life is Good.

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Beautiful pictures.