Sunday, July 18, 2010

“Fan”atics At It Again

Yep, they have struck again.  We have solved the mystery of how this happens though.  Our RV is haunted!  We thought that being as we were on our 3rd fan and it had almost been a year we had the problem solved, however we jinxed it by talking about  it.  Not only do we not have any idea how this happened, no one else can even give us a clue.  It happens when we are on the move, but the blades are a good 8 inches above the slides when they are both in. The other 2 fans were the cheap ones they put in the RV, but this one was a Hunter Douglas and the blades were real wood, which took a lot to break, as it almost tore the fan from the ceiling before breaking.  Any ideas????

visitt bob & barb 055

Enough of that. 

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Randy and Terry said...

We had this problem, too! However our blades broke at the bracket, not the actual blade. We finally began taking the blades off when traveling. Randy figured out that the blades were "bouncing" as we moved down the road and eventually the bouncing took its toll and the brackets broke. Not sure if that's what's going on with yours, but it's an explanation! :)