Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good Try


Two weeks of practice, two games and it is over.  So disappointing for the boys, but they took it well, Anthony pitched some of both games and got some good hits, so he was mostly pleased with his game.  It was great getting to see his games, been a long time, hope he doesn’t think we were a jinks.

all-stars 005  Pitches right handed, bats left.

all-stars 006

Come the next day we were off and rolling,  we debated taking Anthony with us, but he was not too keen on more of a road trip.  Being he is the only one with us makes it a little less fun when his only playmates are us “old” folk.  He had a really good time when there was anyone his age around, and his Mom & Dad had some fun things on the agenda. Think he made the right decision, sure he will have more fun.

all-stars 028

Sunflower field


Driving through the redwoods.


Jack-in-a-box   Chuck-in-a-tree


The scenery was just breathtaking. We are just over the California/Oregon border in the town of Brooking, parked in a park overlooking the ocean, which is usually fogged in till late in the morning, but once the sun breaks through….wow.  Have to run now, so will save that for another blog.  We are here for a week and then are heading to Hailey Idaho, for a visit with Barb & Bob.  See you soon, Guys, we probably could not gotten in a worse location to get from point A to point B…LOL, but where there is a will there is a way and we are willing.


Leno said...

Glad to see you back on the road..
Please tell Barb & Bob that their hand and foot partner said hello. Are they going to the rally's? Sure hope so.
Can't wait to see everyone again..

Mark and Dortha said...

Enjoy Oregon. You are about as far west as we are east. Can't wait till we meet in the middle.

Hugs to you both and safe travels.