Saturday, January 8, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

We seem to have been going non-stop since we got settled here, but on the other hand have accomplished very little. but on the other hand, we sure have been enjoying ourselves, which makes us put both hands together and say a little thank you prayer.

We have been busy with cards, and all the games they play here, plus golf a couple of times a week. I also have a new bridge partner, and we played with the “Big Dogs”, Wednesday, and came in first in our section and second over-all. We were happy happy. We are scheduled to play again tomorrow, hope it isn’t beginner luck, but no matter, just love to play the game.

Met up with out friends Barb and Roger for dinner last night, and convinced them that they wanted to go into Mexico and take us to the dentist they have used and are very happy with. After that we stopped and had lunch at the Old Town restaurant, which we had never tried before, but they had. It was very good, we had combo plates, an order of guacamole, margaritas (2-4-1) and cokes all for 16.50. Which probably led us to purchase 2 gallons of tequila to bring home.


We were told that that was what we could bring back into the US. So far so good, but only one liter is duty free! So our bargain was taxed by the feds and by Texas. Have a feeling it may have not been such a good buy after all. Does look like a life time supply of Jose Cuevo though….LOL.

The weather has been just wonderful, but there is word out that is all coming to an end tonight, predicting thunderstorms and much cooler weather. Well they really need the rain, so hopefully it will only be for a few days.

Chuck and I are both doing the doctor thing, him much more than me. We are both fine for the shape we are in, but guaranteed there will not be a test that hasn’t been run by the time we leave here. Still haven’t started on the hearing aids though. Guess we will have to make a trip back to San Antonio for that.

All in all…..Life is Good.


John and Sandy said...

Happy to hear you are both doing fine, andh are having a GREAT time with all the activities at your park. I hope you kick those "Big Dogs" butt in bridge, that is one card game I haven't played....maybe someday!

Take Care and Hugs!

Leno said...

Happy to hear you are enjoying yourselves but sure do miss you..
Hope you get all fixed up with the doctor appointments..
Hugs to you both!

DenK said...

I seem to recall some long conversations with Ol' Jose although I can't remember the specifics. I think Mr. Daniels and Mr. Beam were involved too.

Enjoy and stay safe.