Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week One

I’ve made the commitment to update the blog at least once a week, and would hate to go back on that resolution right away. The week went by soooo fast, it was almost a blur.  Monday, was one of Chucks golf days, and he was not too happy with his score, but it must have been that everyone else played worst as he came in second.  Something about winning when you know it wasn’t your best that sort of takes the glow off the win.

Then Chuck also had some tests run, this week coming up we will find out the results of everything, we are hoping for the best.  As for me it was a trip on the other side of the border to the dentist, to finish up the bridge work.  The price was about a tenth of what it would have been here, and very happy with the looks and feel.  Always joked that I had a Cadillac parked in my mouth, was afraid that it would now become a Yugo.  But think I did okay.  Chuck did get new glasses too, but he choose to do that in town here, the price was better than he was quoted in Mexico, plus he got a second pair of single vision sunglasses for golf for next to nothing. 

We did meet with Roger and Barb one day, and took a trip with a group of Escapees from Louisiana, and went to Harlingen for a fun time at a soda joint/bar/dancehall.  This musical family used to play a PePe’s, but the hurricane that came through here this past summer, along with the river flooding, wiped them out.  So they are trying to start the same type of place away from the river.  Must say the music was great, the food not so much, but could be fun place to go, hope they can make it.  Times are hard though.  Did actually take the camera, and never got one picture, battery was completely dead, have not been taking any pictures, and still have not.  Today we had bridge in the morning, then Bev and Dave went with us to the flea market.  I had been wanting a magnetic necklace and one of the vendors called to say she had gotten some.  But it was so hard to choose, wish she had only gotten one style, would have made it easier, but finally selected one.  Lun-dinner  was at the market, and dessert was a dollar banana split from Stars Drive-In.  The Saturday special, and just the right size.

Weather wise has been okay, could be a little warmer at times, but the afternoons are great.  Well, that brings an end to another week in the life of two ole fools farting their way through life.  Yep, the golden years!

Life is Good 


Leno said...

I pray that Chucks results are good. Will be thinking of you both.
Sounds like you are keeping busy, as usual. We are too!
Hugs to you both....

Gypsy's Tales said...

Sounds like a great week!! Hi to Roger & Barb when you see them again.
Will be waiting to hear how Chuck-Bob's test results are. WE are busy sorting and packing.
Missing you folks
Hugs Barb & Bob-Chuck