Saturday, January 15, 2011

Life Gets In the Way

We have been to the doctors, dentist, glasses ordered, blood drawn, bottles peed in, x-rayed, poked, tested and retested.  But at this point the only thing we have made no head way on is Chucks hearing aids.  The ONE thing that brought us here.  We are certainly using this time to get everything taken care of, which is good, hopefully we can leave here patched up and high stepping.

Our wonderful weather left the other day and it got flat out cold, not down to freezing, but to have it in the 80’s and then the very next day 40, was  bit of a big change.  Was only suppose to last for a few days but we are on day 4 now and though it has warmed up we have this drizzling rain/mist.  Glad all our friends that are in Arizona and California are not having the same problem.  If it can’t be me, glad it is them.

We have been beyond busy doing nothing, but having a good time, cards, golf, even trying a bit of line dancing.  Last Sunday we went to see a show at a another park, Bernie & Red.  They do a comedy routine with some singing thrown in.  Funny, funny, funny, we have seen them before and hope to see another routine they do while they are here before they move on to Arizona. Just when I decided that water exercise could be fit in the weather flipped. All though the water is heated, still have to get back to the RV. Bev and I are playing bridge in the Winter Texan Senior Olympics next month. Chuck is playing pinochle. Last year he got a silver medal, for real. I’ve made the decision that while we are not moving, I’ll try to post on Saturdays only, unless there is something that just has to be put to paper.  Got to go, Pegs & Jokers night.

Life is Good!


Gypsy's Tales said...

glad to hear you are getting all those pesky maintenance & repair items taken care of - Hearing aids - Bob & I were talking about his diminished hearing What did they say??? Anyway interesting article that a huge study has proven that if you do not wear your glasses your hearing isn't as good - I knew that years ago so more money down the tubes!!
Pegs & Jokers-is that a game
Good luck on your tournaments
Barb & Bob

squawmama said...

That's what we have spent the last 2 months doing too... all the doctors and stuff we need to take care of every year.
Have fun & Travel Safe

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Isn't getting older great! I see a doctor more in one year now, then I did in the first 50 years combined. I am still wondering who came up with the Golden Years tag.