Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green Beer For All

All week we have been hearing that we have the “storm of the season” coming in any time.  Today is the first day that the sun is not shining, and we did have several hard gusts of wind, and a few sprinkles.  Guess we will just have to wait a little longer.

Matilda, has some new friends, although I can’t say that I approve of her hanging around with a bunch of naked “boids”.  There is this hill here that seems to attract flamingos and it is sort of a game with the walkers to rearrange them.  So I snuck her in, dressed for the occasion, and when I came by the next day, there they all were, gathered around her.  Doesn’t take much to amuse us!


We have gotten all our patio projects completed, but pictures have not been taken, so that is yet to come.  I’ve taken on a project for the park of posting information on our in-park channel.  There are other people that help and they say in the summer things really slow down. Think that it will be fun, I like fooling with the computer, now if I can conquer loading it into the master program, well life will be good. 

Days here just seem to blend together, there are cards of some sort every night, bridge game going most afternoons, large variety of classes.  I’ll be glad when I can utilize the pool.  Doctor is getting ready to finally release me, and I am so glad. Getting old is not for sissies. Oh, and then there are the happy hours. Yesterday we went to the ranch house for happy hour with the S.M.A.R.T. (special military and retired travelers) group that are having a mini rally here.  They had also prepared a huge pot of hobo stew, with bread and salad, and then finished off with brownies and ice cream. 

The scenery is starting to get so pretty.  The ground cover that is utilized in a lot of landscaping is coming into bloom and it is just brilliant.  Took the road through the wine country on our way to town the other day and was totally awed.  There are about 10 wineries in the area, looking forward to have our daughter and SIL for a visit.  They love doing that, and being as Chuck doesn’t drink we will have a designated driver. Planning on taking a drive through the area soon, with the camera, there were some beautiful views.


Right now we are getting just a little more than a sprinkle, so maybe the storm is here.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all.

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Speedy said...

You are in a very beautiful part of the country. Sherri and I plan on going through there on our western trip to the coast.

Joe and Sherri