Tuesday, March 6, 2012

To Yuma, Arizona & Back Again

Took us a week, but we made it to Yuma and back all safe and sound.  Our main purpose was to visit with Mac & Netters, and Donnie & Karen, as they were sitting out the winter there.  We parked the rig at their friends, well maybe should say we shoe-horned it in.  And getting it out almost had to grease the sides, but all went well.  The second day there we got news that a good friend, Kevin Sullivan,  had died suddenly.  We had spend a good part of the last two summers traveling off and on with him and Arlene, we will certainly miss him, he was a great guy.  So glad that we were will other people who knew him, it helps to share the grief, and we did.

Of course when you are that close to Mexico it calls for a trip across the border.  We went to Algodonas and must say it so much nicer than Progresso.  Like night and day,  picked up some meds, mainly for our kids.  When their co-pay is 10 times what you can buy a months supply for, seems like something is not right.  We had a nice lunch, only one margarita, and then the fun of getting back in the good U.S.A.  There is a good hour wait in line, and it was a good day, some are much longer they say, so that part is not better than Progresso.  There were benches where you could sit and wait for your people that were standing in line, which is what I did,  and then shopping comes to you.  Couldn’t resist, I did buy a few things, heck, didn’t have to carry them far.  We had planned to go again, but the wind was blowing something terrible that day, so decided to hit a indoor flea market.  There are several rather nicer markets in the area, and I was looking for some outdoor metal décor for our lot here.  Think I got it taken care of.  Also had dinner one night at DaBoyz, what great Italian food.  Mac and Chuck went golfing one day, but they came back feeling kind of somber.  Seems they both couldn’t over come the memories of the last time they had played together and Kevin had filled out the group. 

The last night we all got together at Donnie & Karen's, where we ate too much, but that didn’t stop any of us from having dessert.  We followed that with a few games of ‘chase the ace’.  Karen won the first, then Karen an Mac tied, so double pot…..whoohoo…Chuck won that, then it was Netters turn to take the pot.  We had a great time visiting it was so nice to see everyone.  Might be awhile before our paths cross, as everyone is heading east and we are planning on staying on the west coast.  And with prices like this, there maybe a slow down for most.

Yuma 048_thumb

Felt good to be back “home”.  Seems when we have been sitting awhile, when we first start to travel, I always have the what did we forget to check, what will go wrong feeling.  The did I leave the iron on feeling?

Well, Chuck is out with the guys on their weekly golf outing.  We are going with a group to play bridge on Thursday, which means Chuck has to give up his outing with the Romeo’s (really old men eating out) for breakfast. And the big project of getting the steps set up, should fill out the rest of the week.  Trying to figure out a way to make them easy to move when we want to take the rig out cause they are very heavy and impossible for just the two of us to manage.  We’ll figure something out I’m sure. 


Speedy said...

Put roll up rollers on the legs. That is what we did to my BIL and all you have to do is crank up each leg till it is off the ground and then roll it away from the rig. These rollers are like the ones you have on a trailer hitch to lift it off the truck.

Joe and Sherri

Donna162 said...

Great to read your blog.....miss you guys bunches!!!!