Monday, March 11, 2013


After spending a few great days visiting Mike and Leslie, in Kerrville, we were once again listening to Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again”.  The weather was wonderful, except for the head wind that stayed with us all the way.  At times it felt like we were on a stationary bike, the only thing moving was our gas gauge. There is not much to break the monotony in west Texas.  Thankfully we had a good audio book that kept our attention and the miles past quickly.  Stopped for the night in El Paso at the military camp ground.  The GPS took us to a gate that was shut, but we spotted the RV park in the distance and made our way to it.  We were back on the road in the morning, GPS set for Benson, Arizona, where Bob/Chuck & Barb
trailer mission 135
are work camping.  We got set up in the site next to them, and we had a nice dinner that Barb had prepared for us.  And a fabulous dessert of brownies, made me realize just how bad the ones that I took to Mike & Leslie's were.  I had made them in a cast iron pan in my new oven and the combination resulted in our having to scoop the editable part out and making a brownie sundae. 
We spent the next 3 days enjoying their company, eating and having a good time.
trailer mission 132
trailer mission 129

The wind seemed to start up around 11 or so and then continued for the rest of the daylight hours.  Being as they do not change the clocks here, we are now on California time……I think.  We have some non RVing friends that live in Sierra Vista, and popped down there for a few days,  friends that go back to when Chuck was in the service.  Did a little sightseeing, Fort Huachuca, and took a drive out Bisbee.  At one time it  was a huge cooper strip mining operation, but after two years of them striking for higher wages, the owners decided they no longer needed to have a mine.  Now they are left with a big empty hole in the ground.
trailer mission 144
Amazing hole that it is.  The small town that is left has become a tourist attraction in a way, more so in the summer, with little shops and all. Very hilly, very hippy, artsy and all that goes with it.

trailer mission 153
Rain happened off and on all day.
                                                     trailer mission 219
We have now settled into the camp ground at Davis Monthan AFB.  Today was a laid back day, Chuck took advantage of the beautiful weather and went golfing.  I’m downloading pictures and doing the blog.  Not sure if we are going to Yuma or just head back to Jojoba Hills.  Time will tell.  Had hoped to catch up with Bob & Molly there, but they left today for a month of grandbaby time back in Virginia.  Time will tell. 


Jill said...

That's a very colorful, fun looking town. Glad you're enjoying yourselves.

Molly and Bob said...

So sorry we missed you, but loving little Hayden...priceless!

Enjoying your blog!

Luv ya both and big hugs!