Saturday, March 2, 2013


Left California bright and early with a feeling of anticipation, the day had finally arrived, we were on the road to start a new adventure. We took the road over the “mountain” into Indio, aka the heart attack ridge. With out the RV it wasn’t too bad, but still not a piece of cake. Once there the storm clouds disappeared and it was blue sky and smooth sailing. We found out later that we manage to stay just hours ahead of a giant snow storm. Almost unheard of in this region. We basically drove, stopping only to gas up, and potty stops. I know….TMI…..shut down for the night in El Paso. The next afternoon we were picking up the little guy, having not officially given the travel trailer a name. Thought of Little Bit, but too much like 2 Bits, and still miss our cat, so that will not work. There was a small campground just down the road from the RV dealer so we decided to spend a few nights there, check things out. We were totally surprised at the space and amount of storage we had available.   vegas trailer pickup 056 vegas trailer pickup 055
vegas trailer pickup 058vegas trailer pickup 060
Love the bathroom.  It is actually roomy, with  a wardrobe closet and towel, ect. closet.  So much room, very happy with every thing so far. 

vegas trailer pickup 061vegas trailer pickup 062 
Had only seen the inside at a dealer in California, but because of the Murphy bed, knew that it was the kind we wanted. Which meant our choices were very limited, and because of the scarcity, price was mostly non-negotional. Thus the main reason for the trek to Texas, price. Also wanted to register our car in Texas. Well that did not work out in Dublin, so it meant a trip to Livingston. We arrived at the Escapees park in early afternoon, ran back into town, with in minutes had the car registered. Had tried for two months to do it by mail and then time ran out and had to renew it in California. Seems it is not legal to drive a vehicle with plates different than your license. Even if you are in the witness protection program. We didn’t think there was a problem as we hadn’t planned to have it travel with us, when we are on the road.

Spent a few nights in Livingston and decided that we would move to the Elks at Huntsville where our friend Mac &Netters Mac and Nette's Road to Retirement are working at gate guarding near there. One thing led to another and before we knew it we had a plan to “swarm” them at the site they were at. People coming from all directions, Arlene, Roaming When We Can, John & Bridgett, , Roger & Barb, and even Rod &Deb, KEEPING UP WITH THE KENDALLS .
          vegas trailer pickup 078vegas trailer pickup 072
vegas trailer pickup 100Rod & Deb
vegas trailer pickup 097
Arlene Great Picture!
vegas trailer pickup 095
John & Bridgett,Mac &Netters,Roger & Barb, and Deb of Rob &Deb.  Sorry Rod…should have used the wide lens.
It was wonderful, we knew everyone, but several of the people had never met, yet everyone knew each other. Blogs and Facebook, connecting the world. We laughed,and ate, and laughed some more, and yes, ate some more, and then, before we knew it, it was getting dark, time to try to find our way home. For some reason our GPS wouldn’t work, luckily my phone did the job, as we were leading the pack, or we might be still wondering around in the woods. Roger, Barb and Arlene came back to see our rig before heading out.  Next morning we were on the road, making our way to Buckhorn Resort, in Kerrville, Texas, where Mike and Leslie Kennedy are spending the winter months again. They didn’t know that we were coming, Mike was out and about when we knocked on their door, so when he came in thought he was going to have another heart attack. The last few days we have spent running around to some of our favorite spots here. Mamacitas Mexican restaurant, which was just as good as we remembered. Yesterday, laundry in the morning, and then we were off to Fredericksburg. Opa's sausage store, Chucks first stop, then lunch, perfect day, having lunch in the sunshine, with good friends, priceless. vegas trailer pickup 114 Spent an hour or so roaming a marvelous kitchen store, then off to Luckenbach. Took them to up town Luckenbach, which they did not know about. So look for it if you come this way. After sitting a bit at downtown Luckenbach,
vegas trailer pickup 119 we made the trip back to the park. That brings us up to now. Tomorrow we will be back on the road, destination Benson, AZ.  We are thinking another day to get out of Texas, (once you are in Texas, hard getting out)so will be Tuesday.  Looking forward to seeing Barb and BobChuck. 


FD5, Retired said...

Sure was great seeing y'all again and finally meeting Rod and Deb. Known them for years but had never met. Safe travels back to California.

Stay Safe

Leno said...

It was wonderful to see you both again. It has been way too long. Love your new little home. May have to give it a try sometime in Ca...
Funny you were in Luckenbach. I just heard the song on the radio yesterday and was thinking back to exploring there.
Safe travels back to Ca and give Barb and Bob a big ole hug from me..
Love you both..Arlene

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Cyndi Stout said...

Little guy looks great! Living he dream! See ya soon!