Thursday, March 14, 2013



The main purpose of our stopping in Yuma was to hit the flea market and a quick trip across the border, done and done.  Last year when we were here I bought  some rubber sandals called Dawgs, love, love em.  Very hard to find them, ordered some on line, Canadian company,  but never received them, and when I checked as to why, they stated they were out of them.  But they did have some here, although colors were limited.  Then a fast trip to Mexico,



lunch, margaritas, the best guacamole ever,


or maybe it was the best margarita….



Or both.

Anyway the line back in  to the US was only about 15 minutes, at times it can be a couple of hours,  so we were happy.

The last few days we have stayed at the Escapees park in Yuma.  Looking forward to being back in Jojoba, just 190 miles to go.

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