Sunday, March 22, 2009

Luckenbach, 11th Street Bar, Thanksgiving, & Byes

I know it's time for an update. We've been in Kerrville for almost three weeks and I've only updated once. We've just been so busy with all the people who are here. Some of our friends have already left and we sure do miss them but I know they're having a good time wherever they are. In fact, next week we're going to invade Bob & Molly's campground for a visit. They left us 10days ago to join their group of friends down the road in Boerne. Keith & Donna left two weeks ago as did Jim & Ellie and Glenn & Sylvia. If you click on any of those names you can read their versions of the time we've been having. Some people update every single day but not me. I
try for once a week, but since we have been here my air card is not pulling in the signal that I need to get on the Internet, so it is make do. Lots of this post is stolen from Deb. Well, we are almost the only ones left and she has been posting and basically doing the same thing as us, works for me......
Last Wednesday we to dinner with Rod & Deb in Bandera. There's this place called the 11th Street Cowboy Bar. On Wednesdays you bring your own meat to grill and pay $4 for your sides. Sounded like fun and and we met up with some of the people that we had met in Mission this winter. Great seeing them again. The Bar was a kick, loud and full. Tacked to the ceiling there were bras, all colors, all sizes, thankfully there were no takers hanging theirs while we were there.

Well we are into week three now, most of our friends have left us here in Kerrville. The only ones left are Rod and Deb, Donna & Nolan and us. We sure do miss everybody but we've been having a good time anyway. Other than a big part of the second week here when it was colder than cold and lots of rain, which they really needed here, the weather has been great. Not as warm as it was down south though.
Thursday we loaded up the truck with Rod and Deb, chairs, food and jackets for our trip down to Boerne to have Thanksgiving dinner with Bob & Molly. They are with a group of people who are all members of the Escapees RV Club , class of 07. Since that also includes us we became official members too! Bob deep fried 3 whole turkeys and 8 turkey "boobs" (as Molly calls them). Boy were they tasty. Of course all the Thanksgiving sides were there too. It was lots of fun, and we met 2 couples that will be going to the rally on Albuquerque
Around noon all six of us piled into the truck and headed for Luckenbach where we were meeting up with Bob & Molly for the day. Luckenbach is just a tiny little town that was made famous by Willie Nelson singing about it. Well, yesterday they were having a "festival". They were celebrating the return of the "MUD DAUBER". Why they would celebrate the return of a wasp I have no idea. The town consists of a dance hall, a general store with the post office and a bar. The parking lot is bigger than the town. LOL The sign says population 3 but the guy in the store said it's really only 1 now. Still there were a heck of a lot of people there yesterday. From there we were off to find the fastest armadillo in Texas. This is a fellow, named Monroe, who is one of the happiest people you will ever meet. Loves what he does and it definitely shows. He uses a dermal tool on marble and glass. Of course we were ready as we brought our own beer bottles for him to do up. He can write your names, date, Luckenbach and sketch an armadillo in less than 30 second. As it happened he was not in his shop, although the doors are open, want something, put your money in the jug. Thank you very much! But we did find him at a monthly flea market, and everyone was happy. Lots of great stuff at the market, good thing we are down sizing, but there were a few things that just had to be loaded up as gifts for some important people. From there is was off to dinner at Auslander in Fredrickburg, and it was fabulous. Next it was time to say good by to Bob & Molly. They are heading off for some time on the coast, but think that our travels will cross again come September. Looking forward to it. We so enjoy the time we spend with them.
That brings me to today, Sunday the 22nd. SHM (sweet husband of mine) and I went to Gibsons in Kerrville. It is a store like no other, they have everything that was ever made. We spent almost 2 hours in there just wandering through the entire store, and found more than a few things that I could not live with out. One of which was a pink flamingo with 8 outfits. Tell me that you are not jealous. Hey that is it for the day, week, and then some. Will post pictures when my connection is better, right now can not do.


Leno said...

Good to read up on you two.. We had a great time and miss you both.
Stay in touch and we will meet again..

Bob and Molly said...

Wonderful blog!!
We sure miss you guys and look forward to seeing you on the road soon!

Brenda Brown said...

Hi Chuck and Kathy I read on Speedys blog that you are thinking of coming to Canada, does this mean we will be seeing you in our yard soon. I sure hope so.

Take Care and hope to see you soon