Tuesday, March 3, 2009

There Goes Febuary!

Yep, it is in the rear view mirror. The past week seemed to fly, had to do Mexico one more time. Seems funny being as the first two months we were here did not go at all. Just did not want to take a chance, but once we tried it felt comfortable there, even though the soldiers were ever where. But so were the Winter Texans. The day before we hit the road it was sooooo hot, but just for the one day. There were so many people at the pools they were doing the "everyone under 60 OUT. Got to look out for the old folks. LOL Actually it was more like floating daiquiris watermelons, which were good! Better than good. Saying good by to all the new friends that we met was a downer, but sure that we will cross paths somewhere in the future.

Leaving Mission we faced a head wind, but not for too long. Been a long time since we were on the road, felt a little strange, but we had Willie singing full blast, and we in the travel mood real quick. And we were no alone, lots of RV's going north, but there were a few heading south.
Arrived at the Buckhorn Lake Resort, and there was this gathering just waiting. It was great seeing all those familiar faces. We did the set up hit and miss, so yesterday got to do it over again, we were really off on being level, but now all is right with our world. But there will be no complaining about the heat here, got up yesterday and the warmest place in this RV was "IN" the refrigerator. We don't like to sleep with the heat on so it was cold. The first night we went to a Mexican restaurant that was some of the best mex food I have eaten. Last night we had a bean feast, just our group, in the club house. As usual our lives revolve around food. Love it! No pictures, unless I steal some.
Life is good, windy, but we can go with the flow.

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