Monday, March 30, 2009

Now There Are Two

Everyone but us and the Kendalls have left Kerrville, and we are both leaving Wednesday. Today we spent stocking up on Opa's sausage and cheese and butter from the Amish market, had to put off till tomorrow Bar-B-Q from Billies, because they are closed on Mondays. We probable could eat for a month of what we have stockpiled, it is like they don't have stores any place we are going. We will be going through Roswell, New Mexico, where we actually lived for a few years way back when. Came there from Orlando, and at the time I truly did not know there was a place that desolate this side of the moon. From there we will be making our way to Albuquerque for the rally. Want to go very slowly as the weather does not seem to be getting any warmer up north.

Life is good, the wind has died down, the sun is shining....WOW

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