Saturday, March 7, 2009

What, where and when?

Like in where are we meeting next, what are the food plans and when. Yep, that has been our life the last week. We have had potlucks, appetizers dinners, baked potato smorgy, breakfast in a bag, plus there have been a few meals away from the park. I believe we have discovered eating is what we all do best!

These pictures need to be enlarged to see the detail. And it is all in the detail.
A great German Restaurant
Fredricksburg is a small German town near here, there are lots of cute shops and a wonderful place that makes sausage. We descended on it, like we were doing a swarm, luckily we had eaten before hand or we all might have just bought them out. I did find a ballerina bunny for our greatgrandaughter for her Easter basket that is absolutely precious.
Chuck has played golf once since we have been here and thought it was a pretty good course. Most days though he has been on the putting green here with Kevin. They have been up and down all week. Next week we are trying Lady Bird Johnsons course. We have friends from California coming and they want to play once, so checking the courses out.

Bob, Molly & Chuck

It has been great getting to know all these great people better. Sure that our paths will cross again.

Now this is a TRUCK!

And they take it to Wal-Mart.

Stonehedge, Texas

Still have the ole Texas wind, but dang life is good.

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