Thursday, April 2, 2009

On the Road Again

Yesterday we left the Buckhorn Lake RV park in Kerrville, and lo and behold just a few miles down the road we encountered 6 vans, and 3 trucks, all with Verizon logos on them. MY PEOPLE, were looking for me! And there I was going in the other direction. This was one of the few places that our cell service was so poor.
We had planned to drive to Fort Stockton which was about 250 miles, but Chuck was feeling great, so we just hung a right on 285 and pushed on to Carlsbad. The last 30 miles were a little scary though as the wind came up and was horrendous. But we made it and settled in at the Carlsbad RV park for a couple of days. Today we will do the caverns and look over the town, then trek on to Roswell. We lived there for almost 3 years and will be trying to find the house we owned. That is if it still standing. Hated every day we lived there, can't believe we are actually going back willingly....LOL We got a taste of the wind and the dust storms yesterday. Somethings are meant to be forgotten, and that was one of them.
This morning the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the wind is gone. Gotta love it.


Joe and Sherri said...

Hey I just found your journal and will be tuning in to see what kind of trouble you two are getting into on the road....Have a good time...I see where Deb and Rod are headed that way too.

Joe and Sherri

Leno said...

Hope Chuck is feeling better.. Take it easy for a bit before you continue your trip. Hope you get to hook up with Deb & Rod again. They are also in the area.
It was great seeing you two again and look forward to when we can meet up again.
Have fun....