Monday, April 20, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

Just a little gathering......

Oh, it is truly a beautiful day, the sunshine is wonderful. The "blizzard" surely couldn't possibly have taken place. We had a very nice day at the vendor rally yesterday, it was casino day for
Coast to Coast. What a blast. Play all the high stakes blackjack or poker, and if you lost your chips they would give you more at the next table. The point was for every 50 dollars you won they gave you a ticket, good for 3 drawings during the day. Prizes were good and the grand prize was a 10 day princess cruise. No winners here. Entertainment was okay and the balloon glow, fabulous. They are so pretty at night.
We left the Rally 1 day early, and moved back to the camp ground at the base. Think we will stay here till the first of the month. From what we hear Colorado got more snow this last week than they had all winter. So we will just play the tourist a bit, get in some golf and relax.


Leno said...

So what campground are you going to??

Joe and Sherri said...

What a ruff life you are having to lead...Geee how can you stand having to do all this and play golf too..I know you must be wore out.

Joe and Sherri

Debbie and Rod said...

Good idea to stay clear of Colorado for awhile. Weather is gorgeous here if you need a place to go. ;-)

Debbie & Rod