Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rally time and the Fan Goblins Struck Again

Well we moved to the Balloon Fiesta park. Sort of disappointed with the set up. The RV's are parked here, along with the entertainment tent. All the vendors and seminars are at the fair
grounds which are about 12 miles away. Granted they have very nice, large buses running back and forth, but it is not like being at the rally site. Now for the big mystery.....the broken blade on the ceiling fan. This happened about a year ago, when not one but two blades broke in half while we were traveling. Ended up replacing the whole system and it was fine until today, when once again one of the blades broke in half on the move here. Last time we had gone over some very rough roads and sort of thought some how, some way. But this time we only came ten miles and they were very smooth, no bumps, nada. Yet there was the blade broke in half. Talked to the RV dealer and he had no idea how it could have happened, never heard of it before. So there must be a "fan"tastic devil hid some place here that only comes out when we are headed for a rally as the last time was on our way to Branson for the RV Dreams rally.
Balloon Fiesta Park
just over the hill
They are expecting 2500 RVs here, so that is a lot, and they seem to have it very well organized, lots of volunteers. We had sort planned to do that, but they required 25 hours per person, so that worked out to 5 hours a day, and we just did not think being as this is our first big rally, that we wanted to split our time and energy that much. Besides the reimbursement was at a rate of 4 dollars an hour. So we will look forward to learning a lot, there are quite a few seminars that we are very interesting in attending. Till next time.


Joe and Sherri said...

Yes the fan mystery! That is real odd. I know that some have been broken off by slides coming in but I don't know how close yours is to the slide wall. The blade in that case has to be turned just right and rests agaainst the wall during travel causing it to break off. If yours does not come close to the slide then I haven't a clue.

Joe and Sherri

Debbie and Rod said...

Our fan also has to be in the exact spot to go over the slides when they come in. I've had to stop the slide before because the blade wasn't sitting exactly right and would have snapped in half but if it's over the slide when you leave that really is a mystery! Miss you guys, hope you're having fun. Hugs to you both.

Debbie & Rod

Bob and Molly said...

Hi guys...glad to hear you made it to the Rally and are enjoying things!
We miss you and look forward to seeing you at Nick's Rally in Sept.
Travel safe and big hugs!