Saturday, April 25, 2009

Old Town & the 10 Dollar Taco

Yesterday we went back to old town, which is a very charming area. Lots of little shops and courtyards. Music everywhere, just a fun place for women. not too sure that Chuck (or any man) would list it as a must do. But Chuck was a great trooper. The cafe we stopped to eat in did put a chink in the day though. Chuck, not seeing what he wanted on the menu, asked if it was possible to have just a flour taco and enchilada. No problem, but when the check came, there was a charge of 7 dollars for each and a 3 dollar up charge for the flour taco. I had a taco salad at a cost of 6.50. So go figure. Being as these were only listed as combination dinners, his order was considered a special order, therefore the charge was reasonable. Only if you were not the one being charged!

Golf was on the schedule the other day, and that is where Chuck is now, as I write. He is playing in a tournament, and it was open to women, but I decided that I would skip this one. I have not been playing as much as I should to keep my game up and when I have to be on a team, afraid that I won't hole up my end. Glad that I didn't play as the wind is really gusting. At least it is nice and warm.
Wednesday we are leaving for Santa Fe for a few days, and then on to Springs. I'm ready for some new scenery. Want trees and mountains. Anyone wondering about Matilda (my pink flamingo) she is in hiding. Her outfit for this time of year is a yellow raincoat and hat, which just would not work here. But she has a great 4th of July costume to be sure, so there will be no hiding her then.

Till the next time, or if life gets real exciting and there is something to blog about.........

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Joe and Sherri said...

Well get me some pictures of this new place you are headed to...I love pictures

Joe and Sherri