Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

No chocolate bunnies, no colored eggs, cheezz, what's up?
We are just in holding pattern, waiting for the Rally next week. We are leaving here to move to the rally camp site on Wednesday. The sites are electric only, but because Chuck had a handicap sticker we will have a site close to the main area. The campground here has been full since last night, and being as they do not take reservations, there have been people arriving all day to be turned away. Feel sorry for them as we hear that the campgrounds around here are also full. We will probably come back here after the rally for a few weeks, as they just had another snow storm in Colorado Springs, and we want no part of that. We will be spending a few days in Santa Fe as there are a few places that we would like to see.
Roinn, greatgrandson,hunting eggs in Colorado Springs.

Robert, our grandson and our great granddaughter, Kylee
Looking forward to the Rally, it sounds like it will be really big, with hundreds of vendors and a lot of the seminars sound very interesting. This will be our first Rally of this size that we will be attending. Hopefully we won't find too many things that we can't live without....LOL So that has been our exciting life the last week, we have been out looking over the town, but have not been eating out all that much either. Got to get rid of some of the food that we brought down to the valley 5 months ago. And I need to hon up on my cooking skills.


Leno said...

Happy Easter to you both. Sure do miss you.
Are you spending all summer in Colorado? Any plans beyond that..
Have fun at the rally. Want to hear all about it so please post..

Joe and Sherri said...

I guess I missed the journal entry about the rally and who is having it. Sometimes I get confussed on where everyone is at....duh...can you imagine me being confused...LOL OK so where ever you are and what ever rally you are at have fun and send pictures.

Joe and Sherri