Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bring On Global Warming, Please

What is it with this weather? Thursday we took the bus, not once but twice to the vendor area. The first time was fairly easy, but the second time was a nightmare. We were in a line well over two blocks long, and the buses were very far and few. Took us two hours to get back to the RV. Yesterday, Chuck and I played in the golf tournament. We had a great couple on our team and had a wonderful time playing with them. But..... the weather, it was so cold and we actually had snow flurries. We were just hanging on to get done, looking forward to a nice hot lunch. And it just gets better....they were feeding us outside! I was so cold and shaking so bad that it was impossible to eat. Our team did come in first, and we got 60 dollars in gift certificates to be spent in the pro shop. I got a cute headcover and Chuck got a vest. All in all we were lucky cause the people that went to the vendors at the rally, had a 2-3 hour wait, and by then it was raining. You would have to look really hard to find a "happy camper" here. We made the trip this morning again, and made a few just got to have purchases. One that makes me feel better is the tire monitoring system. From what we hear, people who have been to other Rallys say that they have never seen it in two separate locations like this.
Life goes on, we shall all look back at this some day and laugh. But don't see it happening in the near future.
Update on the fan for those who thought the slides may have come in contact. Actually they
are about 12 inches below the blades. Going to post it on the Montana site and see if we are the only one, or if some one solved the how and why.


macattack said...

Chuck and Kathy

I was looking at the pictures of the Rally on RV Net this afternoon and all of a sudden here you guys were playing golf. It sure did look cold there but was sure glad to see you guys on there. We sure miss seeing everybody but hopefully will get together again somewhere before too long.You guys take care and hopefully we will meet up again before long.I'll try to keep the golf game tuned up.

Mac and Netters

Joe and Sherri said...

OK then if it is not the slides it is Grimlins...I know they are at work at all times.

Joe and Sherri