Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good-By Texas, Hello Aliens,Raining Mud & Real Wind

Matilda in her
Easter outfit
Spent the day touring Carlsbad Caverns, and it was total awesome. We had toured it 40 years ago, but the memory had faded, so it was like we had never done it. The bats won't be back till late next month, but even though it would have been great to see them we were not disappointed. Having the Golden Age pass really paid off as everything was free. And free is good!
We left Carlsbad April 3rd and decided to make a run for Albuquerque. as the wind predictions were dire. Took some pictures along the way, and if anyone made lemonade out of lemons, it is Roswell, after the air force base closed there. They have the aliens.

Once we passed through Roswell the scenery was
not a wow factor.
And 100 miles down the road.

At least the road was straight, so we could catch a nap.

The wind really picked up before we were at the park, had about 50 miles of it, and it was scary, but not nearly as bad as after we were settled. We are at Kirkland Air Force base camp ground, which is very nice. Planning on staying here till the Rally which starts on the 15th. Back to the wind......during the night it was rocking and rolling the RV, and then it rained for a few minutes. Well, come morning we found it had rained MUD. What a mess, but the good news it was mainly on one side. The bad new it is still cold.

Today we toured the area, getting to know the streets and all. Found Camping World, or it found us. And they have casinos here, so we had to pay our dues. Spending all that time in Texas saved some money.

So that is it for now, jacks are down, life is good.

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Joe and Sherri said...

Well we just caught up to your jornal and really enjoyed reading A L L of it. I use to play golf but had to give up the expence. I lean more towards fishing and hiking now which is cheaper and you can eat the fish...birdies are not good to eat...and if you eat too many you get the bogey...HEHE

Joe and Sherri